Monday, February 25, 2008


I love the unexpected pleasures of shopping and coming across something that are perfect just for you. These two chairs had Bridgette Niezwaag written all over them. I ran to get Casey (he was doing the typical husband thing- killing time in Circuit City next store) and while he clearly didn't see his name written all over them, he made his way to the check out line. SCORE! He sure loves me. OK, enough talking I've taken pictures for you to see.

What do you think? Pretty fabulous eh?!!!!


Sarah said...

I love the chairs as well, and you are right, they have your name written all over them! I cannot wait until I can travel there to see all the new renovations again, but more importantly, to see you and Casey.

Aaron Niezwaag said...

I do like the chairs, but I would have to see the room that they are going in as well as the other furniture. They are definitely room defining pieces and need the proper support from within the room otherwise they run the risk of getting lost or being overpowering.

The 26 things about you was excellent - you should apply that to your business card and instruct new people that you meet to read before engaging in conversation.