Friday, February 22, 2008

My 26 Things

Ok, I've been tagged. If I had to tell you 26 things about myself, here they are:
I'm a Bison through and through.
I have a love affair with food.
Spray paint is one of my best friends.
10/22/05 I married my Prince Charming.
I'm a stubborn Italian.
I swear I will never own a mini van.
I dream about Justin Timberlake.
I heart home projects.
I'm a planner.
I miss my dog when we are away.
I love anything wicker.
I'm proud to be a Niezwaag.
I'm proud to be a Martini.
I cry watching Beaches every time.
I shop at Target once a week.
I wear Casey's slippers every morning.
I say I don't need any more diamonds, but it's a lie.
I love grocery shopping.
Starbucks makes me smile.
I bite my finger nails.
I love a good bargain.
I dream of living on a farm.
I still miss Sex & the City.
I worry about what other people think.
I love reality TV.
I am a blessed women.

1 comment:

Michelle said...

I read this list, and realize that somethings in life will NEVER change no matter how much time has past. I have come to know that thou I don't see you everyday (ok I hardly ever see you or talk to you come to think of it) I still in many ways still know you, just like you know me. Which brings much peace and joy into my life, knowing that the time and distance can never keep us apart. I love you Bee, and i think of you and miss you daily. And so proud and happy for you and the person you have always been. BEACHES, that darn movie gets me EVERYTIME as well.