Monday, March 3, 2008

I'll always have Fargo

This weekend we were able to escape to a town full of memories and a house filled with dear friends. In short, we went to Fargo to stay at the Maus House! 4 adults + twin boys + 2 dogs = guaranteed over-stimulated fun! We loved every minute of it. (Pictures below)

Everytime I go back to Fargo memories come flooding back to me- the first time I said good-bye to my parents, the horrible taste of cafeteria food, the first time I saw Casey, the way snow blows on the interstate, the table in the library that I use to call my own, my first apartment, the taste of coffee at Planet 19, the smell of Casey's stinky apartment, sketching the sunset for art class, walking to campus on windy days, Bud Light & Ice House, the sound of the train behind my old apartment, turning 21, finding some of my bestest friends, and graduation. OK, I'll stop now.

In May it will be 5 years since I left Fargo but the memories are still crystal clear, I hope they never fade.

I will probably always be a Minneapolisan but Fargo will always have my heart.

PS- Crystal, you're one great mama! Oh how I love spending time with you.


Anonymous said...

Well Bridgette, When I look at my girls' blogs, I read yours as well, because you and Casey are such important people to Brock and Crystal, and because I am so grateful for everything you did when Gavin was little. Got on today and saw the boys!! How lucky those two squirts are to have you and Casey as godparents. And how lucky Brock and Crystal are to have you as friends.
Laurel Clawson

Michelle said...

hey bringing up all those memories makes me wish we still had days like that, so we could see each other everyday. Oh Memories. And oh how it makes me miss you...Budlight and Icehouse. Thats to you i have some amazing memories. Love the pictures of Brock and Crystal's little guys. Too darn cute. Glad you all had such a great time together in Fargo. and more importantly remain so close! Love you BEE BEE. tell cas-man hello.

Anonymous said...

Those pictures are adorable! I love them...and your memories, oh so true. It doesn't seem like 5 years since you left Fargo - wow, time flies. I really, really want to get together when I'm back in April, so beware! You are a dear friend although I don't tell you often enough.


Sarah said...

Oh the memories that come back when speaking of Fargo. When I pass through or stop in to Fargo a whole flood of memories always come rushing back to me. It was a time in our lives where we truely found a lot of ourselves. I am very fond of all of those memories and will never forget all of the stuff we went through. From te parties/beer to Halloween to Michelle and Tim McGraw to everything. What an amazing time that we can cherish forever. Thank you for creating some of those precious memories with me.