Tuesday, June 10, 2008

weddings make my heart go pitter patter

My friend RaeAnn got married this past weekend. What a gorgeous bride she was.

I met RaeAnn in 1999, it was freshman year and she lived across the hall from me. We spent the next four years in many of the same classes, both served as members of PRSSA (a PR student organization), and luckily became friends.

Over the years I've seen her go through some really difficult times and so I could not have been happier to witness such a wonderful moment in her life. She deserved the day to be special and I'm so happy it was.

We also got to spend time at The Maus House. What a fun weekend we had!

PS- I'm still exhausted today.

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Annie said...

Oh, how sweet are you. I love the pictures and I love even more that you were there to spend the special, memorable day with us. I cherish our friendship and all the love and support you've always given me. Your advice is priceless dearie. Thank you so much. I can't wait to be living near you again!

Much love,