Friday, July 11, 2008

July 4-7 at the Niezwaag's

My hubby is happy that the grunt work for the deck is done, now he says it'll start taking shape. My Hunkaroonie and my dear Dad have worked so hard on that (what will be) deck. We girls went antique and grocery shopping. (My two favorite places to shop!) We made fish tacos (we grilled the fish instead of frying), a fruit tart and washed it down with mango margaritas. It was a perfect way to spend the 4th, at home with no place to be and no people to see.

PS- I also had time to start working on my kitchen island. I hope to work on it more tomorrow! TGIF!


Liz said...

Thanks so much for your advice on my bathroom! I'm loving your island so far, cant wait to see more!

Katie said...

Fruit tart! Yum! Mango margaritas? Never heard of 'em but I'm a friend of margaritas! How do you make them?

Is THAT your kitchen island? I LOVE it!