Sunday, October 12, 2008

it's 5:00 somewhere

We have been looking forward to this weekend--Bison vs. Western Illinois. Although we lost a close game it was so much fun. In true Bison fashion we tailgated 3 hours before game time. Casey and Brock drank (like college boys) and realized 'they ain't as good as they once was.'

Crystal and I drank (to keep warm), enjoyed munchies and some girl time. (PS- doesn't she look great...skinny minnie!)

We ran into old college friends, saw all the additions the campus has made, wore our green & gold, (under all those layers) and remembered how great it is to be a Bison alum. PS- It was so good to see you RaeAnn. You'll be in my thoughts this week!)

GO BISON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Crystal said...

we had SO much fun! We'll have to do it again.

Liz said...

That looks so fun. Your song reference cracked me up... "aint as good as I once was" was how I felt when I got off the ride at the fair this weekend. Talk about feeling old. :)

Annie said...

It was SO great to see both of's been too long and one of these weekends while I'm back we'll have to have a girls weekend. Just some relaxing and eating good foods. You BOTH look awesome! I miss you and Crystal so much.

Thanks for understanding my neglect lately - I know that it is wrong as friends are the best asset a girl can have. Take care babe. I'll be calling you soon.