Monday, February 2, 2009

at this moment

I'm listening to: classical music

I'm craving: a hazelnut soy latte (I had one yesterday and it was lick-your-lips good)

I'm cooking: homeade calzones for dinner

I'm dreaming: of our vacation

I'm loving on: The Boss & want to see him in concert (but can't justify the cost)

I'm really wanting: this rug from PB for my kitchen

I'm feeling a bit like: Mondays suck

keep 1

I'm drinking: blueberry green tea

I'm lucky: I have 3 months to get this bod ready for a bikini

I'm wondering: who Jason will boot on The Bachelor tonight

I'm spoiled: because Hunkaroonie makes breakfast everyday (I heart Oatmeal w Craisins)

I'm stoked: about my $3 candle holder (see picture below)

I'm ready: for 4:30




Shannon said...

That rug is too cute and your candle holder is great!! Happy Monday to you too!

Annie said...

Love the photos! Thanks for your loyal readership as I've been slacking on updating lately.

Keep enjoying today - Monday is nearing an end!


Anonymous said...

HAPPY MONDAY!!! wish i could have a coffee break with you!! Miss you...Michelle

Susan said...

Great rug! I love PB...

Anonymous said...

You have a beautiful blog!! :) And blueberry green tea sounds so good!