Saturday, January 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Rita!!!!

Today is my mom's birthday, our Rita.

That's not really her name. We don't even really remember how it all started but since I was about 16 years old, we've been calling each other Rita (my sister too). It's kind of a joke that's been going on for well, a long time now.

OK, now that you know about our Rita (and that it's not her real name) let me tell you why she's so wun-der-ful.

She always is there for me.
When I got my wisdom teeth out last year, she met Hunkaroonie and I at the hospital. She spent the night with us and helped Casey take care of me.
We talk every day. If she doesn't hear from me, she's worried. Even though I'm married now, she always sends us home with groceries and makes sure our gas tank is full. When Hunkaroonie is out of town we have sleep overs- stay up late talking and wake up early to have coffee. She always watches Dakota (our doggy) when we are away and never makes us feel quilty. In fact she makes us feel like we are doing her a favor by letting her spend time with our dog- she loves her Dakota.

She is FuN.
She cracks me up. She doesn't take life too seriously. She sings out loud to love songs. She loves chick flicks. She wears reading glasses around her neck, on her forehead and on her face. She loves her some drinks. She leaves the grocery store without her grocery cart and lives to laugh about it. She wears wool in the summer and still is cold. She watches reality TV and reads gossip magazines. She's my best friend.

She is the best cook, ev-er.
I've learned everything I know from her. She can whip up a tasty meal from anything in the pantry, plan a 5 course meal to the 9's, make some mean hot chocolate, LOVES LOVES LOVES homeade salad dressings, and cooking healthy meals for the family. Food Network is her fave. She has taught me how to cook on a dime and how to stretch a penny and I'm so thankful for that.

She is honest.
She isn't afraid to tell me the truth. She gives me advice (even when I don't ask for it-ha!). She tells me when I have too many birds in my house (decorative that is). She is the first to say when she likes or dislikes something (she is warming up to my curtains and fabric!). She gets right at home when she is over- telling Hunkaroonie to turn the heat up or grabbing his slippers to wear.
She is the (kind of) mom I hope to be one day.

She gives before she receives. She put her family before her career which came later in life (and she is SO successful). She hurts when we hurt. She fills her house with pictures of us, her stories include us, her vacations invite us, and her smiles are because of us. She let me wear my tutu to school, my favorite tights everyday, and she never challenged letting me be me. She taught us how to nurture, to give, to work hard, to save and to live. She filled our hearts with her love, so much so that we still feel it today.

She's a great mom, best friend, mother-in-law, wife, daughter, sister, boss, and neighbor. She's a pretty great lady and I'm yucky to call her my Rita. And you know the great thing about her? She'd love to be your Rita too. She's just that kind of person.



Anonymous said...

I am a lucky lady.....this is the BEST gift that you could give me...all my love,mom

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday!! I also feel very blessed to know you. I hope you had a fabulous day.

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY RITA!!! you know that I L-O-V-E this woman!! I think she is hands down AmaZing...and don't you worry are just like her!! Proud to know the both of you...LOVES...Michelle

Anonymous said...

This woman you speak of IS an amazing, caring, beautiful, passionate person. She is all that is good in our family and she makes us all better people...and this I know because she has been my wife for 32 years...I am a lucky man. Thanks BA for reminding me how blessed I am.