Tuesday, February 24, 2009

all things in place and a place for all things


SPriNg FEvEr...who doesn't have it?!? I can tell by all the SNoW, winter is still here. But spring is around the corner and I'm anxiously waiting. I love this time of year- preparing your house before vanishing for the spring & summer months. It's the time to scrub, wipe, dust, throw, stack, box, label, organize, de-clutter, stock up and did I mention scrub?

decorating jar

Growing up I LOVED, loved THIS book. I guess some things never change. Tee hee.

my mags

Hunkaroonie use to be a pack-rat and now is changing to the simple-is-better approach. I wonder where he got that from? Ah, if only everything were simple and clutter-free...what a wonderful world it would be. One thing at a time, we'll start with the closets.

Hope you have a refreshing, neatly stacked, all-things-in-order kind of day!

plate stacks

Hugs, Bridgette oxoxox


Crystal said...

oh, can you please come to my house and help me?

Susan said...

I feel like I am on a never-ending quest to de-clutter and organize. So, how is it my house is always such a mess??