Sunday, February 22, 2009

a perfectly perfect winter weekend

It was a little of this and a little of that.

s-bux morning joe

dakota w bone

It was CoLd, it snowed 6 inches, the sun was out, the slippers were on, and the alarm clock was turned off. We went for coffee, we hit the gym, did some shopping, worked on a few house projects and went on a date. We went to see this movie. Did I mention we organized? Well, we organized. We ogranized our closets- clutter no more. Ah, it feels good.


kitchen aid

I baked today. I'm not a big baker but I do try because Hunkaroonie loves him some sweets. I had Grandma Niezwaag's Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe (notice I capitalized it, that's because it's like a secret recipe. People listen, the Niezwaag's kill for these cookies) so I gave it a whirl.

cookie dough

mmm cookie dough

So, I made them. I'm sure not as good as Grandma's but I made them and Hunkaroonie is pleased.

cookies for casey

We are ending the weekend with a warm & full belly- a big pot of chili.

We are settled in for some hockey and pretty people in gowns. If you need me I'm here in my polka-dot jammies with cookies & milk. Come on over, we've got plenty.


Oh, and If you want to come and clean up, that'd be nice too.

dirty spoons


Michelle said...

i OLIVE JUICE YOU...happy monday to you ya Martha!

Annie said...

I love your posts...Miss you dearie! One of these months we must get together. Hopefully soon!


Anonymous said...

hi michelle......i miss you....vicki

Bridgette Ann.....i would love recipe and send to nan...cookies that is..or to do i push on a blue word and get it

Susan said...

My weekend wasn't nearly as good. Jealous!
(great pics!)

designergirl007 said...

I love the photos and the cookies look delicious!