Monday, March 16, 2009

the bOYs are back in town

It had been awhile since we'd since the little men.


It doesn't matter how much time goes by, how much time we spend together, how many cups of coffee we have or how many texts we send- we still miss The Maus House.

through the glass, gavin

Thanks for the late nights & early mornings, the laughs & the chats. oxoxox

PS- click on the 365 picture on the sidebar to the left to see more pictures from the weekend. I almost broke by back taking the boys down the {steep} slide. I almost lost my cookies and the boys were all smiles wanting to go again. I'm sure it was {very} humorous for those who watched Crystal & I try and make our way through that maze. It was a tight squeeze. Good times.

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Crystal said...

LOVE, love, love you guys. Thanks for the spectacular weekend. We always miss you too.