Friday, March 27, 2009

the pride of a bison

From my first steps- along red & yellow tulip-lined sidewalks, flyer-filled bulletin boards, perfectly manicured landscaping, and old brick buildings- I was miles away from home. Streets I didn't recognize, people who's stories I didn't know, and {the bluiest of} blue skies I'd ever seen. You see from my first steps, I knew North Dakota State University is where I'd spend my college years. I knew when the time came for me to leave my comfort zone, my family & friends, my safety net- I knew it would catch me. It did.

can you feel the excitement?

It would be the time I'd grow, learn, and mature. The place I would meet my best {life} friends and my future husband. It would be the place that would forever have my heart.

The campus changes every year, students come and they go, professors get older, new books get written, and technology advances. And we've graduated and moved on too. We left Fargo and moved to the {big} city but one thing hasn't changed. Our pride in being a Bison. That hasn't.

Loud & Proud

We attended the NCAA Tournament and took pride in being a Bison. Although they lost {to Kansas} we have never felt more {goose-bump, fist-pumping, hootin-hollerin, hair-raising, high-fivin, green-gold wearin kind of} proud. When the time comes and when we have kids, I hope that the college they choose* will catch them like NDSU caught me.

*We may tell them if they want help with their education they have to go to NDSU. The verdict is still out, we'll let you know.


Michelle said...

I am so glad you are a BISON!!! I am so glad our paths crossed and were forever linked because we are both BISON...We are Bison..We are friends forever...Love ya Bee

Sarah said...

Yes, we will forever be a BISON and very proud of it. These were some of the most memorable and unforgetable years of my life. Best of all, I got to meet lifetime friends-you and Casey. Love you guys and miss you dearly. Cannot wait until we get to relive it in June. HAHA