Thursday, May 28, 2009

country road trip

Our adventure {I did not say vacation} begins today.

Vehicle fueled up. Check.
Munchies & Music. Check.
Suit, dress, & cowboy boots. Check.
Cooler. Check.
Books & Magazines. Check.
Wedding gift. Check.
Camera, extra batteries, & charger. Check.
Golf clubs. Check.
GPS. Check.

Welp, I think we are ready.

Our first stop is to meet my parents to celebrate their wedding anniversary.

Next stop, the farm. It'll be a pass through stop but a fun one nonetheless.

the barn {before re-paint}

And our final stop- Mead, NE. Never heard of it? Don't know where it is? We aren't sure either but hopefully our GPS picks it up. When {if} we get there we'll {I'll} put our boots on, tip our hats, and practice our two-stepp'in. Pictures to follow next week.

And so, our adventure starts now. Hee-haw.

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