Monday, June 29, 2009

Garden Recipe: Cucumber & Dill Spread

Happy 4th of July week! It's going to be a good one.

Our weekend = Productive

We took full advantage of being home this weekend with no plans. I'm happy to say that hunkaroonie hung a shelf in the bathroom that we bought 1 year ago. Total time spent on the project, 5 minutes. Good thing we waited so long to do it because it really took up our whole weekend, ha! We also did some yardwork- the rain sure has helped make everything so beautiful. It was so nice to turn the A/C off and open the windows-!

weekend 007

We went and laughed our little butts off at the movie, The Hangover. It's worth a rental at the very least.

I've wanted to use some of my fresh dill. It's a tricky herb to use, in my opinion. This recipe hit the mark. (Hunkaroonie did like it but consumed more of the watermelon that I was serving with it! Perhaps it's more of a lady lunch.)

Cucumber & Dill Spread

You'll need:

weekend 017

1/3 cup mayo
1-2 teaspoons fresh dill
8oz cream cheese
2 small to medium cucumbers (peeled & seeded)
pumpernickel bread

Mix in a food processor the cream cheese, then add the mayo. Fold in the cucumbers and dill. I toasted the bread, then added the spread, and topped with a tomato! These would be fun to make on those cocktail-size pumpernickel bread slices for a luncheon.

weekend 022

It was a much needed stay-at-home weekend. We hit the road again on Thursday to spend the 4th with family on the water. We haven't told Dakota yet....she's pretty comfortable right where she is!

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Danielle and Clint said...

Have you ever tried Dill Pickle soup before? It's a polish dish but soooo yummy! Your spread reminded me of it!