Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Grill'in Recipe: Honey Glazed Ham

I think they are born to love it. Men & grilling.

We grill year round but in the summertime, we grill close to 5 nights a week. Gas or charcoal you name it, Hunkaroonie loves it. We grilled our first ham this past weekend. Delicious. Albeit a little fatty. Next time I'd spend alittle more $$ to reduce the fat. {with just the two of us, it was still enough for 4 lunches/meals}

Honey Glazed Ham

5 large garlic cloves, minced
24oz of honey
1/2 cup lemon juice
partially-cooked ham

Here are the directions. They are very offical. Hunkaroonie wrote them. And made no mistakes doing so.

the recipe {very official, i know}

The smell of the charcoal burning. It's amazing. Open the windows, let the aroma come inside. Now chop some garlic. Don't buy the stuff already chopped in the jar, the fresh stuff- it's the way to go. Hunkaroonie is the best sous chef. He is SO patient. Getting every piece minced. Pure perfection.

lots o garlic

Follow the direction above and you'll be set. Cook the ham for an hour before applying the "good stuff" aka honey-garlic glaze. Glaze makes anything better. Maybe because it's a sticky-shining-ooey-gooey beautiful-mess.

basting with honey glaze

Don't stress about all the basting you have to do. We sat outside on the deck, had some cocktails, and played a game of cards. {SCORE: Bridgette- 5 games Casey- 4 games}

Yum to the tum. We served ours with a garden salad and sweet potatos. Whoever thinks Ham is only for the holidays hasn't tried it on the grill.

I also love making meals with the leftover ham. Hmm, how to choose?

Scalloped Potatos & Ham
Ham & Cheese Quiche
Onion, pea, & ham pasta in light cream sauce
Ham, egg, & cheese biscuit sandwiches
Ham, cheese, and pesto Panini's
Ham sandwiches using homeade dinner rolls w Mayo

Have fun grill'in all you men... & women!

PS- Kristin, Thanks for such a fun (early) birthday dinner. I love my gifts. I'm spoiled to have such a great friend like you!

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