Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Match Maker: from drab to fab

Numerous of you asked the details of our cabinet re-do. I'm happy to share. But with a disclaimer. **I am no expert, I am not perfect, I am a wannabe designer, I take short-cuts, I rely on the help of others, I decorate on a budget, I am not fancy.**

I know black is a bold choice, it doesn't work for everyone, and it's not meant for every kitchen. Although I was very nervous slapping that first brush stoke on, turns out our kitchen cabinets were meant to be this way. It was love at first sight {between the cabinets & paint ofcourse, I was just the match-maker}.

Let's go back, shall we?

First take the doors off*, drawers out*, and hardware off. Next sand, sand, sand. Our cabinets were from 1983 and needed some love. Once the sanding process is done give them a good wipe down. {If you need to fill any holes, do that now.}

The biggest key {for us} in this process was to use a tinted primer. When in doubt, ask the experts. We relied on the help of the paint experts at Lowe's. When it comes to paint, they know what they are talking about. It took some convincing {on my part} but I'm glad I let my stubborn guard down and listened.

The primer we used: Valspar Interior/Exterior Latex Tintable Color Primer. It looked like a dark grey or navy color. He {Mr. Paint Expert} assured me it was primer!


Thanks to the tinted primer, we only had to do one coat of black paint {and then ofcourse some touch ups}.

The black paint we used: Valspar Signature Colors Interior Semi Gloss Finish, Dark Kettle Black. I originally picked out a black paint swatch {the darkest I could find} and gave it to him {yes, Mr. Paint Expert} to mix.

The conversation kind-of-went-like-this:

Him: What are you painting black?
Me: Well, ah, um, my kitchen cabinets.
Him: This color you've chosen will disappoint you.
Me: Well, I usually know what I want. And I want this one. {stamp foot}
Him: It's got some yellow in it and I doubt you want that.
Me: Yellow? No, I want black.
Him: Then let me just mix you black. 100% black. The blackest of black. Trust me.
Hunkaroonie to Me: Honey, just listen to him. He's the paint expert.
Me: Fine, but I know where you work. {flip hair}

I admit defeat, he was right. The paint color was just what I envisioned.


We only needed 1 can for the size of our kitchen.


Need more tips?

  • Bright lights- you'll want to see, before it dries, if a dog hair got in your brush
  • Let it dry- don't flip the cabinets over, touch it, or try to mess with it before it's dry.
  • Second Coat- we didn't need to do a second coat and I wouldn't unless you have to. The least amount of coats, the better. Less chance for chipping.
  • Tape off where the cabinets meet your wall- black paint trumps any color you {probably} have on your walls.
  • Take your time- it's a bold step, don't rush
  • Remember it's just paint- if you don't likey, then no-one has to know {your secrets safe with me}

More questions? Just put them in the comments section and I'll get back to you!

kitchen remodel {BEFORE}

kitchen remodel {AFTER}

I wish I had a more recent picture of our kitchen but I'll post after the backsplash, curtains, rug and decoations are finished.

I need another cup of coffee. So, I must go fill up but thanks for checking in.

*It's your choice if you want to take the cabinets off. Some choose to only paint the surface {outside} of them. I did the whole cabinet. I didn't want the outside to be 2009 and the inside to be 1983. But, you're the boss, you decide.


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Danielle and Clint said...

O! I saw your kitchen redo on thisyounghouse. You did a great job! The cabinets don't even look the same! Love the contrast of the island.

Crystal said...

beautiful job! I've got some that need painting. Want to help me pick a color?

Anonymous said...

I forgot to comment here after I went to get my own black paint a couple weeks ago. I had the opposite problem: my paint mixer was dumbfounded by my request for 100% black. She made me go pick out a swatch only to inform me it was "pointless" if what I wanted was 100% black (I know!!). It was a trying night at Home Depot let me tell you.

Love what you do with your black paint! :)