Thursday, June 18, 2009

randoms & ramblings

Woot woot, tomorrow is Friday. With being gone this weekend we had lots to get done during the week, you know- laundry, cleaning, father's day gifts/cards, packing, etc. Mission accomplished. We are heading to the farm tomorrow at noon. He says the weather is going to be sun-shining wonderful. I sure hope Mr. Jonathon Weatherman is correct.

fruit on island

This week I've been scrapping together meals, cleaning out the fridge and cupboards, no groceries shopping {except milk}. It feels good to do it but now I'm looking forward to grocery shopping and new recipes.

Next week on the menu- weekly total budget $60

{Monday} Grilled Turkey & Feta Burgers w Ina's Tzatziki Sauce, homeade steak fries
{Tuesday} BLT salads w Homeade Basil Mayo Dressing, grilled garlic ciabatta bread
{Wednesday} Grilled Halibut w stewed tomatos/cannelloni beans/garlic/spinach
{Thursday} Turkey Club Sandwiches w Homeade Pesto Mayo, watermelon
{Friday} Homeade Italian Sausage Pizza w strawberry, walnut & feta salad
{Saturday} Grilled Chicken w Sweet Potatoes/Black Bean salad
{Sunday} Orange Thai Marinated Grilled Flank Steak, roasted vegetables topped w bleu cheese crumbles


O, guess what? My bag arrived this week that I ordered from GoMonkeyDesigns. It's so darn cute. Love it. I plan to use it at the farmers market and for weekend trips to throw my junk in.

OK, enough randoms and ramblings for one post. Hope your Thursday is just peachy! oxo


Anonymous said...

thanks for the menu for the week and enjoy your road, mom.....which bag did you order?? french one????

Danielle and Clint said...

Your Tuesday meal had me at, Hello. Do you have a recipe for it? My stomach is growling just thinking about it!