Friday, July 24, 2009

Ben's in the hiz-ouse

Oh how sweet it is to have brother home. I would like to spend every day with him while he's in the tundra. {Oh excuse me, I guess it is summer here now.} But I'll take what I can get.

foot-ben 007

He's grown. He's changed. He's funnier. He's more mature. His hair is longer {but I took care of that}.

hair cut

But he's still my brother. And we {Hunkaroonie too} sure missed him.

He requested Fish Tacos. So that's what I made. That and guacomole, mango salsa, queso dip, refried beans, and ofcourse all the fixings. Oh and obviously margaritas too. Then mama made fried ice cream.

foot-ben 005

I'll be sure to get that recipe for you. It's to die for. Once it hits the lips. Oh. Oh.

Benny, I hope you are enjoying a few days with your friends. See you on Monday for one last hurrah. Do you really want to leave and go back to Arizona? I mean how could it ever compete with the frozen tundra? It can't. It doesn't. oxoxo

foot-ben 010

Special note: photo credit to Daddio.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Bridgette-still waiting for the recipe on that DELICIOUS looking fried ice-cream! :) Hope you are doing well and having a great summer. Erika