Saturday, July 18, 2009

the big apple: take a bite part II

Ok, now onto Chelsea Market. Being such a foodie and a huge fan of The Food Network, I was so excited to visit this next stop.

The Food Network tapes some of their shows in this building.

nyc 09 021
{If you can see on the left it says Chelsea Market}

Ina, Giada, Paula, The Neely's {and some others} tape out of homes but Tyler, Rachel, Guy {and some others} tape out of Chelsea Market. They tape 10 shows in 5 days and then take the set down and another one goes up. Crazy. They don't let you up to the second floor where they tape but it was fun nonetheless.

nyc 09 020

The market was amazing. The building was beautiful. I could have stayed there all day. We timed it perfect, just in time for lunch!

nyc 09 013

We had sushi from The Lobster Place and gelato for dessert. We loved going into all the different markets.

nyc 09 016
nyc 09 015

And the prices for everything were very affordable. Everything from the food to the dishes. And the kitchen gadgets, oh my. They had things we couldn't even figure out what you'd do with.

nyc 09 017

After the walk back from the market our legs needed a rest. Then off for some pizza, oh I mean "pie" as those New Yorkers call it. We went to Apertivo. Amazing. Delicious. We ate it all! Then we headed back to the hotel for NY Cheesecake and a cappuccino. A great way to spend a day in the city, if you ask me.

Next up, Central Park and Matt Lauer.

PS- I did tell you that we walked and ate our way through the city, right? Well, we did.

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