Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cocktail Recipe: Adult Orange Julius

Welcome to Tuesday! I wanted to share this yummy, refreshing, summery cocktail with you. It's been hot & humid here and I wanted to make a drink that would cool us off. I had some organge liqueur at home wanted to incorporate it. This was the ticket. Although I don't have exact measurements because I just poured until "that's about right." But I'll try to guesstimate to give you an idea and then you can "that's about right" yourself at home!

What you'll need:
Orange Liqueur
Organge Juice (mine had pulp & it was delish)
Cherry Juice (I use the juice from the jar of cherries)

How to make 'em:
1) Fill a shaker with ice to the rim
2) Pour the gingerale in (about 1 cup)
3) Pour the oj in (about 3/4 cup)
4) Pour the vodka in (about 1 shot)
5) Pour the orange liqueur in (about 1 shot)
6) Put the lid on and shake, shake, shake
7) In a martini glass put a little (maybe 1/2 teaspoon) cherry juice (or omit this step, it'd be good with or without)
8) Pour the drink into your martini glass
10)Now make another because your friend, husband, neighbor, or sibling will want one too. Or drink alone. That's perfectly fine in my book too.)

Tomorrow Mr. H (yeah that's Mr. Hunkaroonie. His name is long and I'm lazy so I'll call him Mr. H. OK?) and I are going to see Tiger. He's in town and we got tickets. Mr. H got the tickets at work. The $115/ticket ones. It includes meals, snacks, drinks, cocktails and access on the course. I was hoping to have amazing pictures to share but we can't bring cameras in with us. Or cell phones. I suppose it makes sense. But I'm still mad.


And as I mentioned before, we are going camping next week. Mr. H will be using his muscles and being our (Dakota and me) tour guide. We pulled out our camping stuff and are started to get organized. Don't worry, I WILL be bringing my camera on that adventure. I wonder if I can make my organge julius cocktail up north?

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"...Or drink alone. That's perfectly fine in my book too."