Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Man vs Wild: our adventure

And so our adventure began.

Our packs were loaded, full tank of gas, new music crank'in and with a Starbucks latte in hand. We headed north.

Our vehicle turned off an hour ahead for two warm caramel rolls with pecans. No words to express. And a stretch for the pup.

Alittle further north we grabbed sandwiches and stopped at a look out point over Lake Superior. And we ate. Again. We figured it would be the last of the good food before we ventured into the wilderness. That and we like to eat.

Next stop- George Crosby Manitou State Park.

Once we entered the state park it was like something out of the movie, A River Runs Through It. The beauty was breathe takingly beautiful. Surrounded by the Finland State Forest and driving on a dirt road, the river to our side. Not a car in sight.

We got our gear ready, packs on, and headed out.

George Crosby Manitou State Park
(Please enjoy Hunkaroonie as Griz and me with no make-up)

And from there let me just say, it was an adventure.

The switch backs, steep stairs (felt great on the legs), bridges to cross (balancing was difficult with a 40pound pack on), hills (the shins, oh the shins), the ups and the downs, ins and outs. It was a 2 hr 12 minute test to the body. But with Hunkaroonie as my cheerleader I made it through. And Dakota-the-dog as our fearless leader.

**You will note I have very few pictures. It was two fold. 1)I had to concentrate on the path, 2)the batteries died.**

It was worth it. The campsite was amazing. It sat up a bit (you know, more steps to climb)looking down on the Manitou River. A stream running along the back. The look on Hunkaroonie's face was all I needed. He was in heaven.

We cut our stay short so we could explore our beloved Grand Marais. And stay in a hotel. With a bed. And a shower. We go every year and a summer isn't complete without it. Sven & Ole's pizza by the lake, Artist Point, the lighthouse, dinner at the Angry Trout, coffee & fresh donuts in the morning, skipping rocks at the, it's a piece of heaven. We already can't wait for next summer. Dakota too. It's the kind-of-town that is dog friendly. She comes everywhere we do. And the people. They are some of the sweetest. Ever.

There you have it, a quick recap. It was one of the best vacations.

But as far as the camping goes. I guess you could say: The Wild Won.


Annie said...

I love that you guys do makes me want to challenge the wild! Enjoy the labor day weekend. miss you guys.


Anonymous said...

Sounds SO good. Makes me think you should come out here hunting. Kind of the same thing. But not really. Laurel