Thursday, August 6, 2009

sweet sweet summertime

Summer, we aren't ready for you to leave. We are just getting started.


Back in April we made a list of all the activites we wanted to do this summer (you know, things beyond typical Minnesota summer activites- lake, bonfires/smores, boating, BBQ's, etc). We've made great progress BUT we aren't done yet. So, August if you're listening- don't leave us too soon. Or September, can you bring 90 degree weather everyday? Thanks.


Here's what we have finished:
Go to garage sales
Go on a vacation
Go to the farm
Go to the Farmer's Market
Go to a Twins game

We've got a month or so to finish:
Go to an auction
Go to a dirt track race
Pick our own strawberries (to freeze & make jam)
Go camping (planning in progress, we leave Aug 21)

Maybe this weekend we'll have to cross another activity off the list. Hmm, which one!?! I do know that we are golfing again this weekend. Gotta try out the new putter from Hunkaroonie. Tomorrow is already Friday- woot woot!


Anonymous said...

oh gosh tell me about it! this has been the worst summer for weather in new england. august has been good so far, i knew it wouldn't let us down!

good luck with your golf game! a good putter is the best investment, let me tell you! it almost feels like cheating but i need all the mulligans and help i can get :)

Danielle and Clint said...

Amen! Us midwesterns get jipped when it comes to summer. But then we get to enjoy the beginnings of fall, winter, and spring. So I guess it's not all bad.

Darcy @ m3b said...

Absolutely beautiful photos, mah dear! I jsut love seeing your new wider photo layout. ;)