Monday, September 7, 2009

some of this & some of that

I hope ya'll enjoyed a nice long holiday weekend. We did not choose to forego the Labor Day weekend without projects. Instead we decided it was the perfect weekend to tackle them. The kitchen backsplash installation, removal of front storm door, refresh exterior house paint, fall decoration box out of storage, laundry, grocery shopping/cooking, lawn mowed, so on and so forth. As Hunkaroonie would say, "we get sh*# done, that's what we do." Baha.


Don't get your undies in a bunch, with the 3day weekend there was plenty of time to relax, sit on the deck, have a fire, go for coffee, take Dakota on a few walking trails, pizza & cribbage, and some shopping (junk'in in Buffalo)!

summer deck

I feel refreshed after this long weekend. Ready for the week and ready for fall! Speaking of fall, the first few leaves in our backyard are starting to turn. Oh, the anticipation. Simply lovely.

leaves changing

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