Monday, September 21, 2009

watch out or I'll cross you off too

If I could show you the list. You'd understand. We completed, crossed off, so many minor projects this weekend. And a major one. The kitchen is 100% DONE.

On Friday night we went on a date and enjoyed the end of the summertime weather. We celebrated with Long Island Teas. They remind us of college days. But we didn't consume as many as we use to.

We also enjoyed some of these, refreshing gin & tonics.

gin & tonics

and made new recipes- flank steak and piadina on the grill. Hunkaroonie almost startled the neighbors with his ooeying and ahhing. Seriously he pulled a What About Bob. I even made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. Geesh, just thinking about everything makes me wonder how we fit it all in!

In other weekend news, the Bison pulled out a W on Saturday.

bison flag

I'm so excited to take pictures of the kitchen and show ya'll. But now it's time for a coke, I'm exhausted.

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