Thursday, October 8, 2009

crisp, colorful, beautiful fall

The sky is so b.l.u.e and crisp. As if you can see through it. The leaves on the drive to work light up the sky. If only it could stay like this forever. But then winter will come and I'll love the landscape then too. That's the great thing about seasons. They come, and they go.

Change. It's something to get use to. We can only control what we can control. After all, life has seasons all which pass.

fall 09

Montana and Colorado are getting SNOW today. Yes, I said SNOW. So I am certainly going to enjoy this fall season before it passes (later rather than sooner).

fall 09

This weekend I'm going to make fall-only food. This week is so busy I don't even have a menu planned. And next week is even more busy. So, I'll have to pull out my favorite recipes and start a grocery list. Maybe butternut squash soup, apple turnovers, mexican chili, pumpkin penne....hmm. Now I'm hungry. Better go get lunch.

fall 09

I hope you enjoy this beautiful fall Thursday. One more day until the weekend. As Hunkaroonie would say, "Holler"!

PS- did you like the pictures of our front step decor?
PPS- thanks Hunkaroonie for our date last night. the sushi was oh-so-good!

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