Monday, October 5, 2009

it's monday

Here we are, back at Monday. The weekly routine starts again. The fall routine that is. Oatmeal in the mornings, tea & honey, and ofcourse hot apple cider to warm up on those cool evenings.

Picnik collage

Last night we ended the weekend with a hearty fall meal. Mom and Dad came up and we stuffed our faces. I was really happy how the meal turned out. I have never made short ribs before. Have you made them? What is your recipe? I did a hybrid between Paula Deen's recipe and Giada's. Everyone said it was a hit (or they were either being nice or just very hungry)!

Picture 002
{I am noticing how crooked I write on our chalkboard! haha}

A week from today Hunkaroonie will be in sunny California, I'll be staying here in the (almost) frozen tundra. Someone has to stay here and hold down the fort. This week is busy and I know it'll fly by. It's a big sports week here in the state of MINNESOTA! I've got to pull out my favorite dip recipes for sure.

Happy Monday, make it a good one!

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