Thursday, October 15, 2009

lights, camera, action

We are so lucky to be in the company of wonderful & talented people today from Kitchen Bath Ideas a Better Homes & Garden publication. They are in our house for the day shooting our kitchen & dining room. Insert the following. Squeal. Jump up and down. Clap hands. Grin ear to ear. Twirl in circles. Say this is ba-nanas over and over again.

photo shoot

I am so grateful this opportunity fell in our laps. Finally the talents & hardwork of my Hunkaroonie and my Daddio will be displayed for all to see (ok, I'll give myself some credit here too!). But you'll have to wait until Fall 2010 until it's published.

photo shoot

photo shoot

I, of course, had to take pictures to prove that they were actually here. It was so fun to see behind-the-scenes of a photo shoot in our own home. The detail, planning, prepping, and patience is amazing. They spend 8 hours at our house and only shot the kitchen & dining room. But they are such professionals, the shots they got were amazing. Seriously stunning. It was fun to get a different perspective- to see what props they chose and how they arranged everything.

photo shoot

I tried not to act like a little school girl, tried not to ask too many questions, or gush and goo , ooo and ahhh over everything. But I did. I even gave them hugs when they left.

We sure enjoyed our (home's) day in the spot light.

PS- Thanks Rachel, it was such a fun day for us!


Anonymous said...

Dad and Casey may have provided the canvas but it is you the artist who painted this masterpiece.....I am so proud of you.....all my

About Us: said...

did Dad help you write that comment mom??? teehee, I love you!

Crystal said...

Proud of you! How exciting...what a thrill.

And of course you gave them hugs when they left. That's how you roll. And I like it.

Danielle and Clint said...

Holy cow! You luck out! But your kitchen deserves it! It is one of my fave kitchen redos ever! Congrats :-)

Michelle said...

WHAT OMG!!!!! this is amazing!!! congrats congrat sure to let me know when it hits the stands...this is in the world did this happen...details.

Erika said...

That's so awesome, but I am so lost! How did they find out about your kitchen, which by the way looks awesome! Stephen and I redid our first house top to bottom. inside to outside. It's so much work but the results are always so rewarding, right?! So I need the story about how they decided to come and shoot your kitchen for their mag!! :)

Rachel H said...

We loved shooting your kitchen, Bridgette! I can't wait to see it in print!

Kasey at Thrifty Little Blog said...

That's amazing! Your kitchen is beautiful, so not too surprising. I can't believe that it takes a year for it to go to print though!