Thursday, October 29, 2009

a little about nothing

It's been a busy past week. I'll try and catch up the best that I can.

We had a wonderful time celebrating our anniversary. During dinner, I gave Hunkaroonie a pop-quiz on our wedding day facts (things like what was on the menu, what song did our wedding party dance to, what drink did I have all night, etc). He got a C+. I tell you, the devils in the detail.

My parents took us out to celebrate the following weekend to a fabulous dinner. The Grand Cafe. Food was amazing. Champagne & a card were waiting at the table. So thoughtful. Great company. Very blessed.


(Thank you to all our friends and family for sending us such beautiful cards as well. We love you. And appreciate each of you.)

Hunkaroonie's parents dropped by to see us. We really enjoyed our time with them, although it went by much too fast. Thankfully the holidays are around the corner and we'll be seeing more of them. When we are together we always talk smart and solve the world's problems. It's a great thing.

We've been enjoying beautiful crisp fall weather. Lots of walks. Crunching acorns under our feet and watching the leaves fall right over us. You can smell colder weather coming. It's time to pull out warmer clothes.

Our backyard is so breathetakingly beautiful right now. The brightest bright yellow you have ever seen.

Dakota and I could stay out there all day long.

me & my dakota

So I think we will.

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Mikaela said...

Doggie! So beautiful.

It's funny reading all the Northern Hemisphere blogs and how great it is the colder weather is here, as we're just coming into Spring/Summer now and I keep thinking "Thank god that cold weather is behind us!"