Monday, November 16, 2009


Its been alittle of this and {a whole} lot of family time. Family. It is who we are. So when they call, we answer. When they need. We respond. You see it's great because, it is who they are too.

Earlier this month we visited the sister in Denver. We invaded her space. We Laughed. Talked. Hugged. It was short but sweet for certain.

denver 09

It's easy to relax. Forget about whatever is going on in your world. And just be. When you're in such a beautiful piece of the country. They certainly had a lot more snow in the mountains this year than we've seen here in the frozen tundra to date. They can keep that their snow in them there mountains!

denver trip

As soon as our time in Denver was through we headed back home to prepare for more family time. Brother was flying in from Arizona. He won't be home for the holidays so we needed to enjoy him now while we can. And we did. More to come...

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