Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Shower

up next, sister's baby shower.

I've only attended two baby showers so I didn't really have any ideas of what a baby shower should consist of. Ofcourse I could have looked online for ideas. But sister & I aren't really into games at showers anyhoo. And I didn't want to follow any typical/ordinary shower ideas either. A tea party for close friends & family. Yup, it seemed just perfect.

So, a tea party it was. And the planning began. Here's how it all rolled out...

Invitations. Prepared & mailed.

shower invite

Tea cups. I spent the next weeks searching thrift stores and Goodwill for tea cups and saucers. I wanted them all to be different. Unique. I needed 17. {It is inexpensive to do. Just takes time. I spent a total of $21.}

Food & Beverages. This was the easy part. Soups & mini sanwiches- Creamy tomato basil. White chicken chili. Open faced pesto grilled cheese. Classic rubens. Rachels. Homeade croutons. Dessert- Gingerbread pecan biscottis. Shortbread cookies. Dinner mints. Drinks- Spiced Hot Apple Cider. Hot White Nectar Tea. Pellegrino bottled waters.

Decorate. Use a variety of pink pom poms. Hang from the ceiling with fishing line and white tacks. Make clothes lines around the house (I made three) and hang baby clothes on them. The decorations are part of your gift to the mother-to-be. Gotta love a toofer (two for one)! I hung a variety of things from the clothes line- pants, onesies (that I embellished), dresses, shoes, tights, and socks. Buy some bright and girly fabric to use as a runner on your table & island. Place white votive candles scattered on the food table. Set fresh bright pink roses on the island. So cheerful and they smell so good.



Tea station. Grab a big platter or I used an antique mirrored tray. Put these things on it- Sliced lemons. Sugar cubes. Milk. Honey. Stir sticks. Beverage napkins. A white votive candle. {Every cup of tea is better with a sugar cube melted in it, right?}

Favors. Tea seems fitting to give as a favor at a tea party, right? Find a brand that has lots flavors to choose from. Get a variety. Tie a pink ribbon around the box of tea and secure with a sticker. My stickers said, "Thank you for coming to Tara & baby girl's tea party."


Misc Tips. Clear your side tables & ottoman so your guests have room to place their tea cups and saucers. Pull out your good silver and dishes. It is a tea party after all. I used two large coffee dispensers to hold the beverages & keep them warm. I {Hunkaroonie} made 30 cups of each the morning of the shower. Each guest could help themselves to the cider & tea throughout. This made it so easy and fuss-free. At the end of the shower set out cellophane bags and more stickers so guests can take leftover cookies, biscottis, and mints home with them.

tara & mom

Last but not least. Surround the mother-to-be with gifts and people who love her. Send her on her way to the journey ahead.

the guests

Love you sissy. oxo

Phew, we made it. Now it's time to turn our attention to Thanksgiving. Gobble Gobble.

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