Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Wedding

As I mentioned before, the brother flew in. He can't make it home for the holidays but he made it home for this special occasion. So for 3 days the gang was all together.

The special occasion. Sister's wedding.

You may be thinking white dress, 200 guests, invitations, wedding planner, registry, DJ & dance floor, bridesmaids & groomsman, ringbearer & flowergirl, wedding favors, months & months of planning.

It was not.

You may be thinking elegant, joyful, forever, love & friendship, beauty, pure, intimate.

It was.

This was not her plan. Not her plan to get pregnant before she was married. Not her plan to wear a black dress on her wedding day. But plans don't always work out. HE has plans for all of us and sometimes they are even better that our own.

She was a stunning bride. A vision, in well, black.

the bride

dads speech

Hunkaroonie & I were honored that she asked us to host the reception at our home. We tried to make it as "perfect" as we could with only 2 weeks to prepare. Everyone deserves "perfect" on their wedding day.



2 weeks. 13 guests. 1 bouquet. 3 Rita's. 1 photographer. 2 tables set. 1 pastor. 3 courses. 1 song. 2 rings. 1 cake. 11.14.09

All because of 2 people.


Much love to sister and our {new} brother-in-law. oxox I was nothing but honored to stand beside you on your wedding day.

note: as you can see they are my behind-the-scenes photos. "real" photographer pictures are yet to come.

Stay tuned for yet another family gathering. (See I told you. It's been a little of this & a whole lot of family.)


Danielle and Clint said...

You know, I kind of like weddings like this instead! I really wanted a small get-together instead of a big thing and I wish I would of did what I wanted instead of what our parents wanted. It looks very nice.

Happy Dash said...

Oh it looks absolutely lovely and intimate! I think weddings like this really show what it's all about - glad you're brother could make it home for it :)

Erika said...

how fun. . .it looks like you did a beautiful job on Tara's wedding and baby shower! Congrats to Tara-- she looks like a beautiful mom to be! Can't wait to see her wedding pics. . .I'll have to check out her FB page!