Monday, December 28, 2009

Fa La-la-la Christmas

The holidays aren't over but I wanted to recap our Christmas with Hunkaroonie's family. They arrived on Wednesday night and sister left this morning. It went by too fast. Everyone always says it. But it's true.

sweet treats

We ate. We ate some more. Took a nap. Ate some more. Went to a movie and drank coffee out of our holiday mugs. Then ate some more. Walked the pup, had a fire, watched a movie, then ate again. We shopped, played games, and yes ate some more. Went to church. And then we ate. Opened presents and sang Christmas carols. Well, you get the picture.

New recipes and old ones. Sweet and savory. Old traditions and new ones.

fa lala 09

It was winter wonderland. And it was perfect. It snowed for days on end. Everything was snow covered. White capped. Ice covered. Icicles formed.

let it snow

All the baking, cooking, decorating, and prepping was worth it. It might not have been a tender Tennessee Christmas like Amy Grant but it sure was a lovely Minnesota one.

And to top it off, Hunkaroonie surprised me with a brand spank'n new camera. (More on that later.)

I'll be checking in later. Just as soon as we can see past our driveway.