Monday, January 25, 2010

pants on the ground

We were suppose to visit our friends over at The Maus House this weekend. Due to old man winter, plans got cancelled.

With no plans on the calendar & rain-sleet-'n-snow, we decided to knock out a project on Saturday afternoon. Alittle closet re-organization.

closet makeover

With some planning & very little money, we were able to condense two closets into one (we were using the spare bedroom closet as well). I love how oraganized everything is. It helps when you design something around your own needs, your own stuff. Every inch of space accounted for. Not one piece of clothing left out. We even had room at the top to put things like our SD clothes, project/paint clothes, swimsuits, etc.

Ah yes, a place for everything and everything in its place.

Hunkaroonie got to use his new table saw that my dad gave him for Christmas. Runs like a champ. He loved it. Worked slick as snot.


We bought 3 canvas pull-out baskets from Rubbermaid. They are huge and I love 'em. Shelves on each side perfectly hold sweaters, t-shirts, workout clothes, jeans, etc.

This is our answer to a once before not-so-desirable closet. Now I just have to do some final touches- finish swapping out those plastic hangers (we buy a few packs of wooden ones every time we go to IKEA) and purchase new six panel closet doors.

So there you have it, no more pants on the ground and a quick 'n easy closet makeover that makes me oh so happy.

{And if you haven't heard about "pants on the ground" head on over to Utube and take a listen. Hilarious stuff.}

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