Friday, February 26, 2010

me & old man winter

Summer was my favorite season. And don't get me wrong. I still love summertime. But my heart has opened to change. To the changing seasons.

I'm growing fond of old man winter. He and I. We get a long now. We still fight every now and again. We say things we don't mean. But at the end of the day we never go to bed angry.

And I'm so glad our relationship has changed. Because look at his beauty....

winter wonderland 2010

Our backyard was take-your-breathe-away gorgeous last week. I had to run and wake up Hunkaroonie because it was so incredible. As if it was Christmas morning. He and old man winter have been tight for some time now. So, he wasn't too thrilled about the early wake up call.

And while the smell of Banana Boat Tanning Oil, sundresses, tan lines, long days & short nights of summer are something to be desired right about now. I wouldn't trade it for the smell of Sweet & Spicy hot tea, pale and dry skin, sweaters & smartwools, or the comfort of Hunkaroonie's slippers.

The changes will come. The seasons will change.

Happy Friday. Enjoy your weekend. Make it a good one.


The Hunkaroonie... said...

doesn't hurt that we finally got rid of all your "toy coats"!!!! haha!!!

Michelle said...

I am in a mad love affair with winter or maybe just winters in Montana hard to truly say. Come here and you will soon have a thing with old man winter like the Cas-man does!