Tuesday, February 23, 2010

slow down. i'm trying to catch up.

winter wonderland 2010

A whole week since I've stopped in to write. That's bad.

We spent a long weekend at Hunkaroonie's parents. It was nice to spend time all of us together. Never long enough. Always too short. On the way back home we drove through our old stomp'in ground. My heart is always so happy being back on the college campus. So many stories to tell. So many memories. Although the best memory I have was sitting right next to me.

{And for all of you college friends reading this. Hunkaroonie's old house next to the frat is all boarded up. The parties were sure showing its age. No more parties at 1121. For now.}

We've been enjoying the Olympics. Shaun White does not disappoint. And what about the USA vs Canada hockey game? Woot Woot. So much fun to watch.

Unfortunately I watched The Bachelor last night. The topic does not deserve any further comment.

I caved. We signed up for Netflix. Hunkaroonie has been trying to convince me for a year. Yesterday he forwarded me some info on it. I told him to go for it. He signed up within 5 minutes so I couldn't change my mind*. Smart man. End of that story.

{*Disclaimer: We make financial decisions together. Ones that require a monthly bill. We both have to agree on it before we commit. It works for us. I am not the boss. I don't claim to be. But don't think I don't try to be. Haha. Kidding.}

Tonight Hunkaroonie is taking clients to dinner. I have a date with the grocery store. {And if you know me, you seriously know I'm excited about it.}

Enough catching up for now. I promise I'll be back before next week.


Jen said...

Netflix is seriously the best invention ever. If you rent movies twice a month, you've already made the investment into it worthwhile.

I love that you can stream them now too. I've been able to try out lots of new workout videos by doing that.

You guys made a good decision, IMO. :)

About Us: said...

Thanks Jen for making me feel better about Netflix! I'm excited to try it!

Crystal said...

and I am sad you didn't stop to say hi. :( Boo.