Friday, March 26, 2010

The birthday staycation

Hunkaroonie's birthday week was a success. However the aftermath left me with a cold and an absence from the blog. It's Friday. Cold is better. And here I am.

Do you remember when I mentioned "crafting" for Hunkaroonie? How frightened he was. Well, I finished my project with not a minute to spare. See completed "craft" below.

hunkaroonie bday 2010

Hunkaroonie doesn't ask for much. Never does. If it were up to me, I'd take him away on an exotic vacation. 5 star hotel. The finest whiskey. Award winning resturant. First class. It's what he deserves. But to him, it's not about extravagent things.

So I planned a staycation. He knew not of my plan.

Hunkaroonie woke up on Saturday morning and received the first card (and empty rings to hold it). An invitation to join me on a staycation to explore our city. To see the little things. To travel from the north suburbs to the south. And eat from the west to the east. To be tourists in our own city.

He accepted. And our adventure began.

The cards (14 in all) held clues to what we'd do next. Hunkaroonie needed extra hints on some, others he got right away, and a few he needed to let the GPS guide. We weren't in a hurry. No reservations were made. It was just us, the city & 3 days.

hunkaroonie bday

He loves suprises (I hate them!) so he was like a kid in a candy shop waiting for the next card. He'd carefully place the card on the rings and the wheels started turning on what the clue meant! I was so happy that he was enjoying my plan for his birthday. And it really was fun. I loved every minute of it.

The people were gracious. Very midwestern (wink wink). The air smelled crisp. And somewhat familiar (nudge nudge).

There is so much to love about our city. I'm glad we took the time to explore.

hunkaroonie bday

So there you have it folks. A birthday staycation. I highly recommend it.

Signing off on this wonderful sun-shining spring day from our city to yours.

PS- Hunkaroonie spent the morning building my above ground garden bed. Give me a "woot woot"!


Eden said...

that's such a cute idea! :)

Annie said...

you are adorable! cute. you two are an amazing couple.