Friday, March 12, 2010

glimpse of home

Homebodies. Not sure if that's two words or one. Either way, it's what we are.

Hunkaroonie has always been this way. I have not. You could argue it changed because we were just settling in to a new city. Could have been our Weekend House To Do list was giving us no choice. Or maybe when our house became a home or that Hunkaroonie's frugal ways started to rub off. Perhaps that our growing careers left us wanting nothing but to stay in sweats and slippers all weekend. Because it's a place we found to unplug and unwind. Or maybe because our college days were over and we are getting older.


Ok, so maybe before I missed the writing on the wall. Why we are homebodies. I think it's because. we. are. content.

This picture of our salt & pepper shaker say home to me.

So whether homebodies, home bodies, homebody's, or homebody. That's us.

{I'm linked up over at Chatting at the Sky}


Julie said...

I just clicked over from Chatting at the Sky & had to comment because this looks like it could've been taken in my kitchen. I have that exact set & it sits on my black countertop in front of white subway tile. I tried to find a pic to show you. Here's one post, but the S & P are hiding behind the tea kettle! Too funny...

Michelle said...

this is you... and i find myself the same way in the mountains of whitefish. Loving to stay in and just relax with the snow falling outside. And I am positive I would rather sit in your cozy home (that screams Bridgette and Casey) then battle the noise of city bars. You know I couldn't hear in college... this has only gotten worse... HOPE TO HANG with B and C soon!!

Abby said...

i love this! linked up at chatting and have been looking through these glimpses all morning. yours really captured me - the little things that say home are so special.

would love to see more of this home! have a good one!