Wednesday, April 7, 2010

counting your blessings

I love Easter time. All that is means. Another time to count your blessings. Big & Small. A time to be grateful. What's not to love.

Albeit a bit late, here were some Easter happenings.

An Easter egg for LilMis Isabella. Step 1: put a small pin hole in top of egg and a little larger one on the bottom side. Blow out egg. Step 2: Write a message on a small strip of paper.


Step 3: Roll up (or have Hunkaroonie) the message.


Step 4: Push (carefully) the message into the egg. You need delicate hands to do this so I had to step in (baha- not quite).


Step 5: Paint egg (I painted it robins egg blue w brown polk dots. Step 6: Place egg in a box on shredded paper. Step 7: Put a note inside the box that says "crack me."

MamaSis cracked on behalf of LilMis. I plan to do this every year. It was just as much fun to make as it was to give. So.Darn.Cute.

I was on tap to bring dessert to our Easter lunch. They are called Eskimo Bars. Let's call them chocolate melt in your mouth ice cream drip down your face lick your caramel fingers fat free kind of dessert.


Cut up brownies into strips when they are cool. Place on a cookie sheet covered in wax paper. Smear them with an equally thick (as the brownie) layer of ice cream. Put in freezer to set. Dip in ganache and place back in freezer. Repeat ganache dipping so it has two coats. Serve two strips on a plate with a small bowl of hot caramel for dipping. You will thank me. Remember we are counting our blessings big and small.

Now I'll leave you with LilMis. Her gum smile and all.

easter day

PS- Forgive me I didn't take a final picture of the egg. Hate it when I do that.

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