Thursday, April 8, 2010

it takes a village

At first Hunkaroonie wasn't quite sure exactly how is was. Our family dynamic.

(Perhaps) Over-protective-Italian-Father and the Mother Hen. The love/hate, mostly love, older sister (aka MamaSis). The baby brother who could do no wrong. Family dynamics. We all have them. This was ours.

Hunkaroonie has come to expect it. Expect that when I see something that I "have to have," I need to buy MamaSis one too. That I get phone calls from Mother Hen just wondering what I'm making for dinner or that (perhaps) over-protective-Italian-Father doesn't want us to travel unless it's clear skies with a light NW breeze. Or that when baby brother calls the world stops.

Hunkaroonie has taken to this family dynmic as well. He warns the new comers (brother in-law and baby brother's girlfriend). He's got us figured out. He loves us despite. I love him because.

When I uploaded my pictures from Easter I saw this one. I didn't even notice that he took it. It makes me smile.


And remember those blessings we were counting big & small. This is a big one.

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Crystal said...

You guys are so sweet. Love you.