Friday, May 7, 2010


From what I've been told (by Rita) the best gift you can give your mother for Mother's Day is time.

So that's what we did.

Yesterday Rita, MamaSis, LilMis, and I spent the day together. All day.

j's family resturant

It was so nice to take our time. To sit and chat and pour that extra cup of coffee because we didn't have any where to be. All of us seated around the table, that's the kind of stuff that fills Rita's cup full. Right to the brim.

Note: diner coffee with cream & sugar is unbeatable.

After LilMis got bundled up we went shopping. To find treasures. It was her first antique shopping experience. I told her all about how shopping is in her blood and never to buy anything that's not on sale. That old is better than new and to know the difference between a need and a want.

bella bundled

She wasn't all that interested.

Back to the shopping.

MamaSis made a killing. I got a farm table and a few other goodies. We filled two vehicles. Please excuse MamaSis, she was uber excited. She recently bought a house and was so excited to find treasures to fill it.

full load

Shopping is hard work. MamaSis' legs were burning from all that heavy lifting. It was time to stop and eat and marvel at all the awesome loot we scored.

chin yungs

It was one of the best days. A gift to our Rita.

And the funny thing - it is in giving that we receive.

Happy Mother's Day my ladies.

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