Wednesday, June 30, 2010

summer list: strawberry picking

strawberry pickin 2010

Last Saturday morning after the rain disappeared and the clouds parted, we plugged in Berry Hills Farms into the GPS. 20 mintues later we arrived at our destination.

Strawberry fields. Right in the middle of the season. With a smell was so sweet. Stepping into a field of heaven. The best way to start a day. Strap a starbucks latte on like this (in place of the beer) and that, that'd be a great way to start your day. Next time. There's always next season.

strawberry pickin 2010

Anyway, we picked 10pounds. They are like candy. Sweet. Juicy. Delicious good-for-you candy.


The color is the brightest red you have ever seen. I've got big plans for these babies. First up was to make strawberry shortcake with homeade whip cream to celebrate the arrival of little brother (who by the way, we are loving that he is in town).


Picking 10pounds actually goes pretty quickly. Especially when you bring a partner like Hunkaroonie. (Who is posing as an arm model below.)

strawberry picking 2010

But wait. Here, I've picked one for you.


I'm so glad we crossed this activity off our summer list, just in time before the strawberries are picked over. We already have plans to go again next year. In the meantime, we'll be enjoying pies, smoothies, freezer jam, strawberry shortcakes, and homeade fruit rollups.

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Danielle and Clint said...

What a perfect activity for a summer day! I just about wanted to eat the screen at the beautiful strawberries you collected!