Tuesday, June 15, 2010

watch it grow

We planted a garden.

We very much have a shaded (wooded) lot. We live in a jungle. Seriously you should see and hear all the sounds that come from our backyard. It's amazing and we love it. However we weren't sure if the garden would get enough sun or if any of the animals would feed on our precious crops.

But we were willing to try. We'd start small.

I have many fond vivid memories of my mom's garden. Seeing her plant the seeds, water, and nurture every square inch. Helping her pick the crops just at their peak. Straight from the garden to the table, transformed into a beautiful meal. She believed in eating organic, natural, wholesome, and healthy long before it was the popular thing to do. One of the many things I am grateful to her for.

Hunkaroonie graciously brought in some (very heavy) railroad ties and built the above ground bed.

planting a garden

A equal mixture of manure, peat moss, and top soil. The right amount of water and potassium. Sprinkle in some tender loving care and you've got yourself a winning mix. Or at least the kind of mix we are starting with! It's too early to tell if it's truly winning.

planting a garden

These pictures were taken over a month ago. When the sun appears again, I'll show you what we decided to plant and how things are growing.

In the meantime, I'll be here. Watching the garden grow.

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