Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Family Extravaganza: just the beginning

Little brother was here. We had an agenda. Activities planned. Meals delegated. Locations mapped out. We were going to take advantage of the weather and the company. Eat up every minute we possibly could together as a family.

And this, this is a way to document those memories.

First up, welcome dinner at MamaSis' house. No way to show some welcome love other than Rita's spaghetti & meatballs. Garlic bread & House Salad. Comfort food. That's how you know you're home.

Little brother and LilMis had a happy meeting.


Jagermeister made an appearance. What can I say? It was a rock-star-kinda-night.


The dinner table was full that night. It had been many months since we were seated around the same table. It was going to be a great family extravaganza.

The following evening started with a BBQ and our house and ended with a game of kickball. My menu theme was "Get Stuffed." Appetizer of stuffed mushrooms. Main course of filet mignon with bleu rosemary butter, ricotta stuffed tomatoes, triple twice stuffed potatoes. We were certainly "stuffed" but we could work it off through some physical activity.

We walked down the street to our local ball field and played some kickball. It was super fun and super funny. We all realized we didn't quite have the skillz we thought we did. Some may argue.


Oh, did I mention we had team uniforms?

team rita
italian stallions

This was just the beginning.

Note: most pictures courtesy of MamaSis

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