Monday, July 19, 2010

Family Extravaganza: a lake day

No better way to spend a Minnesota summer day than at the lake. So that's just what we did.

Just the six of us. Sisters & Brothers.

day on lake summer 2010

Man do I love these guys. We are so lucky- we have such a great time together. We laugh. We make fun of eachother. We don't pretend. We eat doritos in our swimsuits and don't even try to suck it in. We pose for some 'senior pics' just because we found the perfect spot. We tell stories and talk over one another. We sing out loud and off cue to Counting Crows. We talk about moving down south somewhere together. About buying homes right next to one another. Heck we could all live on the same property. Then little brother chimes in and ruins it all. Typical.


(No picture of MamaSis and Brother-inlaw as he was the captain and she was the photographer.)

senior pics

After a full day of sun & fun we went back to MamaSis' and met up with the rest of the crew. We closed the night with Pineapple Vodka and a Dump Dinner. Two things to cross off my summer list!

pineapple vodka
dump dinner

We forget about all the months that go by that we don't see one another because it doesn't matter. The time we do is what counts. And it's so worth it.

Our day at the lake goes down as one of the best days of the summer for me.

Note: Again, pictures courtesy of MamaSis.

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