Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Fourth of July

We made a trip to Hunkaroonie's parents to spend the holiday with them. It was a short trip since little brother was in town but we sure made the best of it. His parents are gracious hosts as they planned lots of activities we love.

I was very excited that they got tickets to the rodeo. Hunkaroonie's mama knew it was on my summer list. We all wore our cowboy boots and had so much fun! Yeehaw.

4th rodeo

ma and pa niez

We spent majority of the weekend on the water. As Hunkaroonie said, "it sure didn't suck." We ate yummy food, drank Pineapple Vodka, celebrated my birthday, went out for coffee, and enjoyed quality time together. Just the 4 of us. Oh, and Dakota too.

The boys went to a shooting range, we watched the sunset on the lake, enjoyed fireworks that were set off over the bay. There is no better way to watch the display than parked on the water with fireworks going off from every direction. The way the fireworks reflected off the water was so beautiful.

4th sunset

fireworks over the bay

This was a wonderful way to spend the holiday. Thanks for making it special Ma & Pa!

We are still trying to catch up on sleep from the past 9 nights. I have a Seven Night Family Extravaganza to share. That's next...

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