Friday, July 30, 2010

Miss Dakota

I get it. You're either a dog person. Or you're not. I am. We are.

Mainly a dog person because of Dakota.

a lazy sunday for dakota

Dakota (da-koda): 5 year old Golden Retriever. 60 pounds of pure love. Defines loyalty. Protector, well sort of. Known to whine uncontrollably when petted. Picky eater. Shedder of hair. A swimmer she is not. Jumps with excitement everytime she sees you. Expects a walk when you say the word. Gets nervous easily. Believes people should love not hate. Prefers people over other dogs. Obeys commands. Sensitive stomach. Looks ridiculous when wet. Wonders why we have summer when winter is much more fun. Can get a tennis ball soggy in 60.2. Cries at the top of the stairs when we leave for vacation without her. Doesn't like to be alone. Lover of life.

Will also answer to the following names: Koda. Koda Bear. Boo Bear. Bear. Koda butt. Puppy. Puppy bear. Pup. Mutt.

You give her your heart and she'll give you hers right back.

hunkaroonie, dakota, & me

Miss Dakota had surgery this week. She is recovering now (and over the next 6-8 weeks) with a repaired knee and high hopes for a full recovery.

She is a hot mess right now in a lot of pain and would appreciate all those dog lovers out there to say a little prayer.


Anonymous said...

our precious dakota......who has eyes that melt you on the spot.....xxxooooo

Chambray Blue said...

Dakota is beautiful. I am praying!! Get better sweetie...