Friday, September 3, 2010

10 Things

1} We are going to start our holiday weekend off by going to the MN Twins game. We'll be sure to dress warm tonight and will likely be sipping hot cocoa but that's what it's all about.

2} I took Isabella's 6month pictures and forgot to share with you. What was I thinking? I will not do this again without someone else present. It was a challenge to be the entertainer and the photographer. But I had some enlarged & printed and suprised MamaSis. I think I like the one below because her ear is crunched and it looks so cute!

bella 6mo

3} It feels like fall. If it stays this way I'll be indulging in a Pumpkin Spice Latte this weekend.

4} I mailed MamaSis' bachelorette party invites this week. Things are moving right along. Chuga Chug. Toot Toot.

5} I've been looking for new boots for the fall/winter. Any suggestions?

6} Hunkaroonie plans on installing a new water heater this weekend. Please think of me.

7} I think it would be fun to make Pumpkin Chili this year. I saw this recipe but will keep looking to see some others. I'll probably end up combining a few recipes.

8} Rita bought me a jean shirt from Tar-jay. I love it and will be a good addition to my fall wardrobe. Hunkaroonie says it's 80's fabulous. It is.

9} We are halfway through season 2 of Dexter. Season 1 was awesome.

10} I would like to paint Hunkaroonie's nightstand this weekend. Then I'm done. And can show you before & afters. Maybe if I put it on the list here, it will give me motivation to finish it!

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