Wednesday, September 8, 2010

keep'in it real

keepin it real

On labor day I labored. In the kitchen.

1} A LARGE pot of tomato sauce (using tomatos from our garden) to freeze for winter.

2} Food processor used to make homesade salsa (using tomatos and jalepenos from our garden) and then white bean dip.

3} Panini press to make chicken, cheese, dijon, & roasted pepper on sourdough sandwiches.

4} Griddle to make buttermilk pancakes for breakfast.

5} Parmesan smashed red, gold, and purple potatoes.

6} Creamed Spinach with sauteed onions.

7} Homeade chicken & veggie fried rice.

8} Cherry tomatos, jalepenos, and small onions picked from our garden.

I try and prep as much as I can on the weekend for the coming week. I usually make a huge mess and Hunkaroonie sweeps in and cleans it up. (He says it's worth the effort to eat what I cook. Sweet man of mine.)

Just keep'in it real for ya'll. Messy kitchen and all.


michelle ellis said...

What a sweetie!

jane said...

oh I want to come visit...yum o....