Wednesday, October 27, 2010

goodbye fall. you sure are beautiful.

our backyard oct '10

It's Wednesday. These leaves in our backyard are dropping from the trees and colder weather is moving in. But I'm ok with that. It's a good thing these beauties will be back and we'll see them again next year.

Hunkaroonie and I have been carpooling the past couple of days. Saving the world one gallon at a time. Actually he (Mr. H) needs to work on his car and wants to wait until the weekend to doso. He says he can drive the pickup but time with me is much more fun. Love.

I've been looking through brial magazines and websites to get ideas for hairdos. MamaSis' wedding reception is coming VERY quickly. I may wear it the same way as I did for (my BFF) Sarah's wedding. Michelle, remember you took pictures of the back of my head? Remember MamaSis and Rita made you do it. Hmmm, may have to track down. Oh and Michelle, by the way you were in my dream last night. Love you. Miss you.

I can tell the wedding reception is fast approaching because apparently MamaSis thinks I don't have a job and can call me 8 times a day with random questions. She's funny like that. And for the record, I will miss those calls after November 12.

Tonight we'll hit the gym and enjoy P-dub's Asian noodles. I'm adding shrimp. Most likely catching up on DVR. In our sweats. And rejoicing that we are one day closer to the weekend.

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Michelle said...

missed you this weekend, life is life that way. prolli why you saw me in your dreams... ha. sooner or later our paths will meet up until then keep on living laughing and loving.