Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Summer 2010 List: let's cross it off

Well, its fall now so I wanted to go back and see what we are able to cross off on our Summer List 2010. You know how much I love crossing things off.

Most of the things we did I blogged about so you probably already know but let's see where we ended up...

Annual vacation to Grand Marais
Strawberry Picking
Spend 4th of July in Bismarck
Host a dump dinner
Go to neighborhood Garage Sales
Go to a Rodeo
Spend days relaxing at the lake
Get more ink
Make Pineapple Vodka
Go to the MPLS Farmer's Market
Take photography classes
Plant a garden
Hunkaroonie to drag race in SD
Go on a day hike
Throw MamaSis a bachelorette party
Have a picnic at the lake
Go to an outdoor concert
Try making homeade bloody mary mix
Go to a Twins game at Target Field

Other things that weren't on the list but highlights summer fun...

Valley Fair
Go to the skatepark
Buy a big wheel bike (for the farm)
Watch LilMis swim for the 1st time
Go to a winery

We had our trip to Grand Marais booked but had to cancel when everything happened with Dakota. I'd say all in all, we did pretty well. We'll have to stick the ones we didn't get to on our 2011 list.

But for Summer 2010 I will certainly remember all these memories and all those days spent with Hunkarooie on the lake. Til next year...

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